Publishes papers that demonstrate contribution to both theory and practice in innovative product and service creation and delivery, as well as advanced information and technologies contributing to digital businesses and knowledge economy. The following areas of research will be considered: product and service design, manufacturing and delivery, resource efficiency, process improvement, quality & inventory management, supply chain risks and resilience, knowledge and information management, enterprise systems, decision support systems, and data analytics.

Volume 1 Issue 1

A Qualitative Study on the Self-Motivation as a Tool to Reduce Conservatism, Negative Mindset, Lack    of Self Confidence, and to Overcome Inner Conflict among the Employees of Bangladeshi (RMG) Factories A B M Asadullah, Nurita Binti Juhdi, Md. Iqbal Hossin, and A B M Abdullah Antecedents and Outcome of Electronic Word of [...]