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Who we are

We believe in serving the needs of researchers so they are able to focus on making a difference through their research.

We do so by publishing research open access, making it freely accessible to the broadest possible audience. We provide straightforward, fast and affordable publishing services, helping authors build new connections within and outside of their direct research fields.

We are a forward-thinking partner to the research communities, with journals across all areas of academia from education to engineering and medicine to mathematics. There is a journal in the Cogent Series for every researcher – come see for yourself.

About the Journal

Journal of Management and Operation Research is an open access journal that strives for inclusivity and global reach. The broad scope of the journal creates a perfect environment to foster connections between researchers across all areas of business and management research, from banking, finance, marketing to operations research. A range of article types are accepted, including reviews, letters and replication studies.

Through open access publishing, we bring sound and scholarly research to people across the globe. Our Editor-in-Chief Dr. Mohd Ikhwan Aziz leads an expert and diverse international editorial board who undertake objective and constructive peer review. Each submission is evaluated on its own scholarly merit and research integrity, and article-level metrics let the research speak for itself.

Publishing with us means you will receive fast and reliable publishing and a global platform for your research to reach its full potential.