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Author Submission Guidelines

ECDC Publishing is an open access journal that strives for inclusivity and global reach. The broad scope of the journal creates a perfect environment to foster connections between researchers across all areas of management and operation research, from operations to corporate governance and accounting to marketing. This section provides information on general submission requirements and formatting information.

Manuscripts submitted to JoMOR must be written in English. British or American spelling and punctuation is accepted, but should be consistent throughout. Should it be required, professional English language editing and translational services are available at ECDC Publishing Editing Services.

JoMOR does not impose word limits, instead articles must be written concisely and be an appropriate length for the content and type. Authors should consider their chosen article type carefully; the journal accepts the following types of contributions:

Research Article

An extensive piece of work, which presents original research supported by a substantial amount of data.

Research Article: Replication Study

Repeat research or present similar results to previously published research with the aim of reinforcing previous studies to determine their validity, elaborating on earlier findings, developing academic knowledge and directing future research. Replication studies should include a rationale for the work and existing literature should be referenced and discussed appropriately.

Review Article

A survey of the literature on a particular topic, which summarises past research, outlines recent advances and evaluates the body of knowledge. Reviews are incredibly useful for researchers – providing an introduction to a topic and stimulating ideas on new areas to explore.


Letters are shorter pieces of research that can present novel ideas, initial results, extensions on published research, or new methodologies or applications.


Any slide presentation from teaching and conference that contain the information about piece of work, which presents original research supported by a substantial amount of data.