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Open Access

Open access ensures research is freely accessible to the broadest possible audience, allowing others to build on your findings without restriction. Increased accessibility translates into visible, measurable results for you as a researcher.

Why publish Open Access

A lot of time, commitment and effort goes in to producing a piece of scholarly work. This effort deserves to be seen, read and appreciated. Open access publishing strives for and delivers this.

Greater visibility and impact

With no restrictions on viewing, studies have shown that open access articles are read twice as many times as those traditionally published; this vastly increased readership opens the door for your research to be cited more.

When you publish your manuscript with the JoMOR, we don’t take the visibility of open access for granted. We work hard to disseminate your work even further by sharing through social media, promoting at events and distributing it to other academics in your field.

Why we are Open Access

At ECDC Publishing we believe that scholarly work should be freely accessible for all to expedite scientific and scholarly discoveries, and make it easy for researchers, societies, institutions, funders and governments to achieve their open scholarship aims.

ECDC Publishing is bringing a new impetus to open access publishing. We are building on established processes that the research community values, but respond to our authors’ needs, implementing new ideas to create more connected content and communities across all fields of scientific and scholarly research. We make it easy to submit, share, maximise and measure the impact of our authors’ research.