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1st Special Issue 2019

A Qualitative Study on the Self-Motivation as a Tool to Reduce Conservatism, Negative Mindset, Lack of Self Confidence, and to Overcome Inner Conflict among the Employees of Bangladeshi (RMG) Factories

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 1

Antecedents and Outcome of Electronic Word of Mouth (EWOM): Moderating Role of Product Involvement

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 2

Tahap Amalan Guru Pendidikan Jasmani Sekolah Menengah Dari Aspek Kefahaman dan Transformasi: Satu Kajian di Daerah Klang, Selangor

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 3

Amalan Kualiti Guru Dalam Kalangan Guru Pendidikan Islam di Sekolah Kebanggsaan

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 4

Supply Chain Management Practices in Nigeria: Developing a Framework for Enhancement of SCM for Organizational Performance

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 5

The Effect of Perceived Fairness on Trust and Loyalty in Family Takaful

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 6

Keharmonian Masyarakat Majmuk Berdasarkan Surah Al-Hujurat Ayat 13

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 7

Persepsi Penduduk Terhadap Banjir Monsun: Kajian Kes Temerloh Pahang, Malaysia

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 8

The Efficiency of Volatility Financial Model with Additive Outlier: A Monte Carlo Simulation

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 9

International Election Observer in African Democracy: Curse or Blessing?

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 10

Factors Preventing the Adoption of Agricultural Technology among Banana and Plantain Growers: A Mapping Review of Recent Literature

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 11

Faktor-Faktor Kepuasan Kerja Graduan Hospitaliti Dalam Sektor Perhotelan

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 12

Meningkatkan Efikasi Kendiri Guru di Malaysia Terhadap Kecenderungan Pembelajaran Generasi Z dan Alpha

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 13

Faktor Mempengaruhi Penggunaan Persekitaran Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran (PDP) Maya (VLE FROG) Guru Agama/Dini: Kajian di Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan (SABK) Negeri Selangor

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 14

Tahap Penggunaan Surau dalam Pembelajaran dan Pemudahcaraan Matapelajaran Pendidikan Islam di Sekolah Rendah Daerah Petaling Utama

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 15

The Effect of Entrepreneurial Marketing on Bangladeshi SME performance and the Role of Organizational Culture: A Structural Equation Modelling

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 16

The Impact of Financial Stability between the Linkages of Awareness and Environmental Tax Compliance

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 17

The Relationship between Green HRM Practices and Organizational Citizenship Behavior toward Environment (OCBE)

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 18

Infrastructure Project Financing Through Sukuk as an Alternative to Conventional Bond Financing

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 19

Elemen Kesediaan Kerjaya ke Arah Kebolehpasaran Graduan Kolej Vokasional Bidang Hospitaliti di Malaysia Berdasarkan Keperluan Pensyarah

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 20

Exploring the Capabilities for Export Enhancement of Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Food and Beverages Industry: A Preliminary Findings

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 21

TQM Practices and Organizational Performance in the Manufacturing Sector in Jordan mediating role of HRM Practices and Innovation

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 22

Analysis of Soft Skills on Self-Efficacy in Matriculation College Students through Hermeneutic Method

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 23

Kepentingan Iklim Sekolah Dalam Mempengaruhi Prestasi dan Komitmen Kerja Guru

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 24

Telecommunications End-User Satisfaction Impact on Enterprises Success of Internet Service in Egypt

JoMOR 2019, VOL 1, NO 25

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